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Emotion Regulation Group

Now taking referrals for 2023

Many people struggle to manage emotions – not knowing what they’re feeling, or what to do with emotions that arise – and often turn to problem behaviours in attempts to cope with emotions (e.g. avoiding, lashing out at others, doing things that are self-destructive).


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment that helps people who struggle with emotion dysregulation related to mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and addictions; as well as difficulties with anger, grief, shame, and other painful emotions. 


This 12 week-long DBT skills training group will teach participants skills to help: 


  • Reduce emotional pain by increasing awareness and acceptance of the present moment 

  • Endure intense emotions without making the situation worse

  • Identify, understand, and accept emotions, reduce emotional intensity, and improve problem-solving to promote planful responding rather than impulsive reacting

  • Improve relationships by setting healthier limits, problem-solving, and assertive communication 


Emotion Regulation Group

Cost of Group: $900

Includes a 30-minute assessment and group materials; receipt is provided upon payment for extended benefits or income tax purposes


As a Consultant-in-Training (CIT) Sheri is currently providing individual EMDR consultation for clinicians looking to complete their Basic Training requirements, to become EMDR-Certified, or to enhance their EMDR practice.


Sheri also provides non-EMDR consultation from a DBT and trauma-informed lens.


Please contact Sheri for more details at


Virtual Workshops

Sheri regularly provides live and recorded workshops for the following organizations:
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