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Emotion Regulation Group

Now taking referrals for 2023

Many people struggle to manage emotions – not knowing what they’re feeling, or what to do with emotions that arise – and often turn to problem behaviours in attempts to cope with emotions (e.g. avoiding, lashing out at others, doing things that are self-destructive).


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is an evidence-based treatment that helps people who struggle with emotion dysregulation related to mood and anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and addictions; as well as difficulties with anger, grief, shame, and other painful emotions. 


This 12 week-long DBT skills training group will teach participants skills to help: 


  • Reduce emotional pain by increasing awareness and acceptance of the present moment 

  • Endure intense emotions without making the situation worse

  • Identify, understand, and accept emotions, reduce emotional intensity, and improve problem-solving to promote planful responding rather than impulsive reacting

  • Improve relationships by setting healthier limits, problem-solving, and assertive communication 


Cost of Group:  $900 (includes a 30-minute assessment and group materials; receipt is provided upon payment for extended benefits or income tax purposes).


Sheri provides online monthly consultation groups for clinicians interested in developing their skills as DBT-informed therapists.


If you would like to discuss this, or the option of individual consultation or supervision, please contact Sheri at




Workshops for the Workplace

Interested in making your workplace healthier? Contact Sheri at for a customized workshop to help build your employees’ skills in mindfulness, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.


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